Outside Lands 2013

..and incredible weekend filled with music:

Paul McCartney
Jurassic 5
Hall & Oates
Emili Sande
Willie Nelson & Family
Matt & Kim
Red Hot Chili Peppers

..just to name a few incredible acts from this years line-up – along with great music, there were also great comedians and great food!


IMG_0610 IMG_0582 IMG_0592 IMG_0603 IMG_0605

(Just a sample of what went on in that little Golden Gate Park bubble for an entire weekend – let’s just say that there was walking, more walking, and more walking but with all that walking came great music, great friends, and great food)

It was pure bliss and pure joy to hear the Sir Paul McCartney sing “Let it Be”, “Hey Jude”, and “Yesterday” live – when Mr. Best Boyfriend gives me the video files, I will upload them for you all to hear. I doubt it will be the same experience as seeing it live, but I want you all to enjoy what I had enjoyed! We got a little taste of everything, sampled some new music, watched some great acts, laughed to some comedians jokes, and ate some expensive yet decent food. At the end of each night I felt like my feet were going to fall off since we had to walk back to our cars after walking out of Golden Gate Park and my nose was filled with dust and dirt but it was an experience in itself – oh and trying to meet up with friends and staying with them was also very difficult since we would walk together and end up getting sidetracked and lost (ie ZEDD, we met up with our friends and people kept pushing their way forward so our friends got pushed back and we got pushed forward and when his set ended we just went our separate ways because there were too many people to find each other again, and when we did find each other again we just got lost again). I think I walked 10 miles in one day going from Land’s End to Twin Peaks and then back to Land’s End..and then we repeated the cycle many many times in one day.

p.s On Sunday, while Mr. Best Boyfriend and I entered into Golden Gate Park (near Land’s End – the big main stage) we saw a girl wearing a hoodie running into the park and the police were chasing after her, as soon as we passed the tunnel (imagine a short tunnel) she was caught and then taken into custody! It was quite a show because there weren’t that many people yet since we got there around 1:00 PM and it was Sunday so she was easily spotted! Lesson learned: don’t try to sneak into Outside Lands, you will get caught and your bail might just cost as much as a ticket! Oh and a friend of ours got drunk the night before and sold his ticket on Stub Hub and he didn’t know so he came to Outside Lands and was denied – *sigh friends don’t let friends sell their tickets! Haha.

p.p.s Fun Fact: I am pee shy, which means that I do not like peeing in random places unless I really really have to but the whole weekend I had to use the port-a-potties and now I think I can go anywhere (maybe). Darn for no ins and outs! Mr. Best Boyfriend and I would usually try to find the ones that they just cleaned out but that didn’t really make it too much better but I still went, so proud of myself.


Macarons from Paris, France

Actually, these macarons hail from Laduree in New York, New York – apparently the storefront has macarons shipped from Paris, France every two days (it must be good, right!?).


Can you spot the sheeps and the cute packaging?


From L to R: Marie Antoinette, Chocolate, Caramel, Vanilla, Rose


My favorites from most to least is: Vanilla, Caramel, Marie Antoinette, Chocolate, Rose.


honey, you are so delicious!

Alittle over a year ago my dad became interested in harvesting bees and so here we are today..

extracting fresh honey!



Extracting honey from honeycombs !



Honey going through filter #1 (got to have clean non gritty honey!)


..and finally into mason jams!

Extracting honey is no easy task, it took several hours because there was a lot of waiting to be done (had to filter it 3 times and honey drips extremely slow during the fall season). But boy, it was worth it to have such yummy honey spread on my homemade bread for breakfast! I love fresh honey, it is delicious!

The Antlers-Bear


There’s a bear inside your stomach, a cub’s been kicking from within.
He’s loud, though without vocal cords, we’ll put an end to him.
We’ll make all the right appointments no one ever has to know,
and then tomorrow I’ll turn twenty-one, we’ll script another show.

We’ll play charades up in the Chelsea, drink champagne, although you shouldn’t be.
We’ll be blind and dumb until we fall asleep.
None of our friends will come, they dodge our calls, and they have for quite awhile now.
It’s not a shock, you don’t seem to mind, and I just can’t see how.

“We’re too old.”
“We’re not old at all.”
“Just too old”
“We’re not old at all.”

There’s a bear inside your stomach, a cub’s been kicking you for weeks
and if this isn’t all a dream, well than we’ll cut him from beneath.
Well we’re not scared of making caves, or finding food for him to eat.
We’re terrified of one another, terrified of what that means.

But we’ll make only quick decisions, and you’ll just keep me in the waiting room,
and all the while I’ll know we’re fucked, and not getting un-fucked soon.
When we get home we’re bigger strangers than we’ve ever been before.
You sit in front of snowy television, suitcase on the floor.

“We’re too old.”
“We’re not old at all.”
“Just too old”
“We’re not old at all.”


Listen to The Antlers Hospice album (the songs all together combine a story), but beware, it can be and might be a little bit depressing to listen to the whole album, but worth it!

San Francisco 49ers Cupcakes: Superbowl Cupcakes


Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting
Waiting for game day 🙂

expressivesole cooks: french toast cupcake with maple buttercream


Adapted from: Bakingdom
A streusel topped French toast cupcake with maple buttercream.
You will love these cupcakes if you: love cinnamon rolls, love french toast,
love breakfast, love sweet stuff, or just plainly love CUPCAKES!

p.s. Mr. Best Boyfriend brought 30 of these cupcakes to work and they loved it. There was a request for bacon on the next batch but I’m already craving a different type of cupcake. Thank goodness I can make a dozen + cupcakes and keep 4 for myself and then the rest goes to work guinea pigs!

sweet indulgence: cupcakes




From left to right:
Row 1: Snickers, S’mores, Red Velvet
Row 2: Maple Bacon, Tiramisu, Pink Lemonade

A sweet way to bring in the new year. Good bye 2012, hello 2013.
To good eats and yummy treats.

–expressive sole