a pocket full of sunshine.

A healthy treat for a weary mind and tired soul – these red juicy cherry tomatoes are not only deliciously packed with flavor, but they are also healthy for the pumping heart. Win-win for the hungry, and the weak hearted.

(Popping them like they’re pills, a good medicine for the studiers)

Fishtail braid ponytails are a love during those studying days – sporting a bummed out look with crazy untidy hair? Fishtail braid ponytails bring the level of sophistication up 100%. Yay for no effort!

(Seriously, no effort equals an accomplishment)

Things that seriously make me happy right now (only because I’m on the brink on insanity):
Minty nails, sweet crepes, lovely scenery, mango flavored aloe vera, random post its laying around, and many more..

These post its were found around campus, the flower post it was stuck on the wall and the sun post it was on the floor. Poor Mr. Sun, but hey, at least Mr. Bee is still attracted to the Mr. Flower.


Hungry! Feed me some pasta );


(What my brain lacks in knowledge, my stomach makes up in digesting)

mango pudding, caramel mocha, and yuzo tea

gelato, taro milk tea, and popcorn chicken

..this is getting too long, and someone needs to study, so let’s leave off with a:


–expressive sole
dancing with the world

  1. you farted haha. kidding. funny that this is the third time farts has come up in one of my conversations this week.

  2. hey I ate that pasta! and i know where that who farted is LOL!

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