waiting to be free.

Friday May, 27, 2011

Warning: leaving house doors open may result in unwanted guests!

Two birds flew in the house unexpectedly, which led to a wild bird chase for an hour and a half.

*bird # 1 cornered
This bird flew closer to the ground which equates to easier catching – it was also the more mellow of the two. It took about thirty minutes to catch this bird, only because I didn’t want to hurt it. But then it was flying into the glass and being a hazard to itself so I was getting anxious (head trauma for the bird). I cornered it and captured it…

*bird # 1 captured
I held the bird too loosely (trying to take a celebratory picture) and it flew away again! I used the same method of cornering the bird three more times before doing a victory dance and letting bird # 1 free.

I am the bird huntress – the only thing is: I don’t kill! I was on the prowl for these two birds (only because I felt sorry for them and because their chirping was loud).

*bird # 2 high flier
This bird was a high flier and a pain to catch! Let’s just say, it was a hyper little bird.  It took a much longer time to catch this bird because it flew close to the ceiling (that’s too high for me to reach). But finally, it flew to the same spot that bird # 1 was located in the first pictures I posted. It flew there because bird # 1 was on the other side of the window looking for it, they wanted to be reunited (how touching). But I couldn’t corner it because it was too fast, it scared me! Finally it flew toward the front door and figured out how to fly out of the house – so in the end, it let itself out.

Lesson: be wary of opening the door and keeping it open! Fresh air is not needed, opt for a fan! Just kidding!

–expressive sole
p.s this a little dedication to a wonderful friend of mine: don’t be tied down and captured, spread your wings and be free (the world is your playground).

  1. Wow those I never see, a rare breed 🙂

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