summer days series #2

Saturday June 18, 2011 – picnicking under the sun.

Thursday June 16, 2011: after watching The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (and being explained what happened for a good 20 minutes – hey, it was confusing and sad!), three of us (no name dropping here) decided to plan our summer days, and we came up with picnicking on Saturday June 18, 2011! Fastest planning EVER, and it happened! Wow! The time, location, and food was all prepped and ready, all that is left is to go out and play!

A picnic is never complete without some good ‘ole summer eating – homemade sandwiches, soda, popsicles (*pictured below) and popcorn (substitution for chips).

Popsicles must be eaten first and were eaten first because they would have melted if we ate them after our sandwiches and our popcorn! Reverse lunch eating is the best!

Kite flying was tiring! WE (two of us, one was just a photographer) tried several times to get the kite up and flying but it was a fail attempt! The family next to us got their kite up and flying really high and ours went limp after a good five minutes! Either we really suck at kite flying or the kite really hates us or we need to get a new kite! But look at how blue the sky was that day, so nice and pretty to just frolic under!

To read more about this picnicking trip, read kimtroneats’ wordpress (part 1 picnicking trip) because I did not take enough pictures on my camera!

–expressive sole
dance with me under the sun

  1. I always loved flying kites. I remember this one set of instructions on how to get one started. It said “You shouldn’t have to run with the kite. It should just take off right out of your hand.”

    Never had that happen, have you?

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