summer days series #3

Tuesday June 21, 2011 – sand between our toes (the REAL start of summer).

Sun + beach = pure relaxing and pure fun – it’s where dreams come true (no wait, that’s Disneyland!). Beach day was planned for Monday June 20, 2011, but laziness took over and it was postponed a day; the weather man said that Tuesday June 21, 2011 would be the best day to go to the beach (because the weather would change for the worse the days following).


Not a day goes by without eating some delicious food and beach day is no different from the other days – my friend and I picked up some nachos and Minute Maid Soft Frozen Lemonade. The nachos were first purchased because I feared that the soft frozen lemonade would melt right away, good call, but then later on, my friend and I found the nacho chips to be quite soggy. I remember the soft frozen lemonade to be much more tasty while walking around in a theme park, but this particular day, it was a flop – way too sweet for my liking.

After eating, people watching is a must! As creepy as this sounds but I love people watching – as in, sitting at a cafe, beach, or wherever to just sit and watch people go about their daily life. Look at the color of the water, so blue, so serene.

Look at the people running around and splashing in their bathing suits – so fun! This picture is the epitome of good summer beach days, I love it! I wish everyday was nice and warm, it would make life so much better – vitamin D makes people happy!

Friendships are being built at the beach, two dogs started off as strangers but then built a friendship while playing tag!

I dream of blue skies, blue waters, and soft warm sand between my toes.

Imprints made into the sand!

My friend and I were troubled as to what we should eat for dinner, so we literally drove around in circles until I said The Counter! The Counter is a burger joint where custom built burgers are made (choose your own: meat/or veggie, size, bread, cheese, topping, sauce, and bun).

Half and half – my friend and I cut our burgers in half and we each had a taste of the two burgers. Deliciously tasty! But a burger is just a burger so it would be good either way – one thing I liked is that both our choice of meat can be overcooked easily but the chicken and turkey were still very moist inside!

–expressive sole

  1. ooh I like The Counter. yum! and those nachos still looked delicious even if they were soggy hehe

    • Hmm, if you like The Counter, maybe we should get some someday. You can go with a no meat burger (:

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