a little bit of Daniel Henney to brighten up a morning.

Say goodbye to unruly mornings and say hello to Daniel Henney! Henney now brings a sense of joy to Taster’s Choice coffee mix – happy mornings can now be bought with a small sum of money (well, at least for those that enjoy Henny’s face). For all those Korean drama addicts, this should be a delightful treat to bring a bit of familiarity into the kitchen. Who wouldn’t want to brew some coffee with a charming face on the box? It screams, “come and drink me, sexy beast!” Actually, it really screams, “let’s innocently drink this coffee in the morning!”

I found this Taster’s Choice in an Asian supermarket. I was browsing around and saw at least twenty plus some boxes of a familiar face (the other boxes were turned around showing the Taster’s Choice logo in English) and pondered as to where I have seen him before, and it was My Name is Kim Sam Soon! Of course I had to take a picture and share, and here is this sharing!

–expressive sole

  1. LOL when I read the title I thought you were watching a drama with him in it! Well his face sells well ^^ did you buy any?

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