part I-through the eyes of the tourists.

July 27, 2011-August 7, 2011 – through the eyes of tourist.

San Francisco, California
“I left my heart in San Francisco” – Tony Benn

July 27, 2011 Kowloon Tong Dessert Cafe
My family had just arrived in San Francisco, California the day before (July 26, 2011) and my cousins were stuck in the house (the kids of family should be let loose during vacation time). I decided that I wanted to take them out for some Asian desserts, because where my family are from (Miami, Florida) it is a rare sighting.

Waffle Ice Cream

Mango Sago (the waiter wrote down the wrong order, we ordered the mango sticky rice – but because it is unsanitary to bring back items and it would just go to waste, we were allowed to keep the mango sago and got the mango sticky rice as well) *mango sticky rice is not pictured, I forgot to take a picture

Fruit Sago with Coconut Milk

August 1, 2011 – Japantown, San Tung Chinese Restaurant *not pictured, 37 Degrees
My family were preoccupied in the morning so I met up with them around 4:30 pm and we went to Japantown. We were going to eat dinner in Japantown, but my grandma thinks that Japanese food is too expensive – she’d rather eat Chinese food. I suggested San Tung Chinese Restaurant (a Chinese restaurant owned by Korean Born Chinese). I didn’t get to take pictures of the food at San Tung because I was too hungry (dinner was my first meal of the day). After dinner we dropped off the adults and went to go get some Snow Ice.

Pika Pika machines – machines where you can take Japanese-like pictures and decorate the pictures to your liking

MaiDo Stationary and Gifts – so bright and girly

MaiDo – A wall of puffy (3-D) stickers

Kinokuniya Bookstore – cute poster in the window display

Look at the cute ice cream bear, this place decorates their ice cream! We also spotted a kid with a sugar cone ice cream with two eye balls as well.

Daiso Japantown – the Daiso in Japantown is big and it has a lot more cute stuff than the other Daiso stores I have been to around the Bay Area. My cousins were here for over an hour and bought a lot of things – I was mostly disinterested because I was very hungry.

*San Tung Chinese Restaurant

37 Degrees

Yogurt Bubbles (sample) – we asked the waitress what yogurt bubbles was and she said she’ll let us have a taste. The best I can describe them is that it is a lot like boba but once it goes into your mouth, it pops (sort of like pop rocks but less intense). It’s a weird feeling and we really didn’t like it.

Sesame Dessert – deliciously prepared and scorching hot

Avacado Milkshake – we all said it had a different taste: person 1: it tastes like Lucky Charms person 2: it tastes like honey dew person 3: it taste like avacado.

Green Tea Snow Ice (with lychee jelly, red bean, + another thing, and condensed milk) – tastes just like ice cream but it’s not ice cream.

August 2, 2011 – Crepevine, Crossroads Trading Co., Szechuan Taste, De Young Museum, Variety Shop, Fullhouse House, Alamo Square Park, Lombard Street, Burma Superstar
The night before, I had already planned to eat brunch with my cousin because she would be left home alone (the other family members had to run errands and only five could fit into one car), but by the time I could meet up with her, the family members had already gathered back at the house. We still went out brunch and both my cousins tagged along. But before leaving the house, my grandmother ran out and said that there would be a family lunch gathering (other family members would be coming as well). But of course, we didn’t think that it would be so soon (it was already 11:00 am) so we decided to eat anyways.

We got to Crepevine around 11:30 am and had to find parking, half way through our meal my mother calls me saying, “Oh, if you already eating, then don’t come to eat lunch then, you girls go do your own thing!” So of course after we eat, we go to Crossroads Trading Co. which is right next door, and my cousins were shopping for clothes – it took awhile because girls will be girls. Well, around 12:20 my grandmother calls and states that she wants us to go eat lunch because everyone is waiting for us but I keep tell her that we already ate brunch and we were full (the portions are huge). Of course being the good grandchildren we are, we ending up going to meet our family.

When we got to the restaurant, we saw about 12 big portions of food. Apparently my grandmother told everyone that we were starving and to order a lot of food for us to eat. Oh the messenger always gets things wrong. We were forced to eat and of course we had to eat. The reason why the family members wanted us to come was because they wanted to see my two cousins, but when we got there all the did was exchange some greetings and then ignored us the whole time. We were not needed, yet we rushed back.

It was around 2:00 pm when I asked my mother if we could just leave and go site-seeing because the De Young Museum would be closing and we still have so much other things to do. But no, the family members said that we have to stay until they are finished eating. So, we ended up staying the whole time until everyone was done eating and ready to leave.

We ended up at the De Young Museum, walked around and went to the tower to overlook the city, breathtaking. Then we went to the Variety Shop to pick up some things (eyelashes specifically), but of course my cousins picked up more than just eyelashes. It’s a really cute little store, with a lot of different things. We then went to hit up tourist spots: Fullhouse House, Alamo Square Park (opening of Fullhouse), and Lombard street. Lombard street was extremely difficult for me to drive, I am terrified of heights so my legs and arms went numb. This wasn’t the first time I have taken people to Lombard street, but for some reason this day was extremely nerve-wracking. Nonetheless, the flowers were blooming and it made up for the uphills of slipping and sliding cars.

At the end of the night we ended up at Burma Superstar (deliciously quaint place with great food), we started eating around 8:00 pm and ended up the night around 10:00 pm.

Crepevine Benedicts
*missing a salmon crepe
Look at the portions and tell me if you can go eat another round of food in less than one hour.

Szechuan Taste – another massive amount of food – lunch right after brunch.

Golden Gate Park – look at the array of sunshine oozing in the picture

Beautiful wall of purple flowers along Lombard Street!

This is how you keep peeping toms out of your life when you live on Lombard Street – especially the curvy path houses!

*missing coconut rice, ni gyu duk (spelled wrong – but it was noodles), and oxtail (all very delicious and flavorful).

..part II in the next post.

— expressive sole

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