hearty consumption: a Korean feast for two.

Tuesday September 6, 2011

Quaint as can be is a restaurant we went to see. It took us awhile to order the food. The menu was calling to us, we were being wooed. Finally we ordered, but in the end we were cornered. We were cornered by a pile of dishes, the food was nothing less than delicious.
This was the day that we had a big feast, which made us eat like crazy beasts.

(a Dr. Suess inspired introduction)

A hearty meal for the hearty soul – nothing can go wrong with some good food in one hand and some good company sitting across from me. When it’s cold outside, just sit down with some good company and eat some fulfilling Korean food that will fill you to the brim. I hope to make your mouth water and make your stomach growl with the hearty consumption series, and I will continue to feed your eyes with the food that I have tasted around in the city of San Francisco, California (or different cities). Feast your eyes on some good food that will make you grab at your computer screen. Bon appetit!


Matching tea cups and eating plates.

A colorful array of ban-chan (side dishes) right before my eyes – too bad this restaurant only gives out six ban-chans, but it’s okay, they were all delicious in their own little way (and that made up for the lack of quantity).

Haemul Pageon (Korean style pancake with scallions and mixed seafood)
Once the haemul pageon hit the table, we salvaged our way into it. So here is a pieced back together haemul pageon for the sake of a picture.  After eating a couple pieces, I was already feeling full, but I couldn’t stop eating because this was only the first dish that hit the table! Each piece is thick and it comes with a side of hot sauce (deliciously prepared hot sauce that gives this Korean styled pancake some flavor).

Dolsot Bibimbap (mixed vegetables, beef, and egg over rice served in sizzling stoneware)
Beautifully prepared bibimbap that would probably melt in your mouth, but remember to add some red hot pepper paste for taste. I can not tell you the taste of it the minute it was prepared for us, because I could not eat it until it became a leftover meal for me. We were too full from the other food that we couldn’t bother trying to eat the bibimbap, it makes me sad.

Teokbokki (Sauteed seafood and vegetables in spicy sauce)
A little bit on the sweet side, and not enough spicy (but that is just my personal preference). It is still a very well-made teokbokki though, but I am more of a savory eater, I do not really like sweet types of foods.

Tofu soup (complimentary)
When the owner first brought the tofu soup to our table, I was confused and stated that we did not order this dish, but then she quietly whispered that it was on the house (but then I noticed that she was giving every table a complimentary tofu soup). Shin Toe Bul Yi has really good customer service. There is nothing much to say about the tofu soup because it was just tofu in spicy soup – a good dish for a cold night.

Everything on the table – the table looks crowded.

 ..this is the end of a lovely Korean feast for two.

–expressive sole
p.s Go out and eat some Korean food!

  1. Dai wants to go there for the fried chicken…looking at it makes me hungry again…. -_-;;;

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