kombucha: oh the “mother mushroom”.

Kombucha is a tea-based beverage that is often drunk for its anecdotal health benefits or medicinal purposes. Kombucha is available commercially and can be made at home by ferminting tea using a visible, solid mass of yeast and bacteria which forms the kombucha culture, often referred to as the “mushroom” or the “mother”.


Recently I was reintroduced to kombucha through my cousin (whom visited with her family from Miami, Florida). It was through an accidental chance that I was able to drink kombucha once again. My cousin is a health nut and she went to several health food stores around in the city but wasn’t able to find kombucha until we shopped around Valencia St, San Francisco, California. I told her to stop by Valencia Farmer’s Market because there was a big “Organic” painted on the side of the store – and lo and behold, there was kombucha. My cousin was very satisfied because she was craving for some kombucha to detoxify her body from all the oils she had consumed (a tourist complaining of eating too much while of vacation, *gasp).

I was curious how kombucha tasted and was very turned off by the response. My cousins both stated that it tasted like fermented beer and it was not in the bit least tasty. But being an explorer of all things edible (minus bugs and other things) I decided to be brave and drink a sip of this so called healthy “beer” tasting drink. One sip and it took me back to my childhood, my taste buds already knew this taste. And my taste buds really liked this fizzy taste of this drink. Then I remembered that a  fellow church member actual made his own kombucha and my parents would often by it from him for health reasons. I am now once again hooked to kombucha, but it is an acquired taste. Some brands of kombucha may be more suitable for some and not for others, I personally like all of them.

GT’s Enlightened Organic Raw Kombucha


There are different types of kombucha juice that serve your every need: the multi-green kombucha allows you to drink your daily dose of needed greens for the day. So, there is are no excuses for you to be unhealthy and only eat greasy junk food! Just grab a kombucha and you’ll not only be intoxicated with greens but detoxified as well. Well, I’m not an expert on kombucha so please do not quote me and only drink kombucha as your only means of eating vegetables.

I love the packaging on GT’S Enlightened Organic Raw Kombucha. It has a different “Words of Enlightenment”  quote on each of the bottles. On the Botanic NO 9 bottle, it states: “Love is the path of least resistance.” – Anonymous. Cute, right? Gets you through the day with a little quirk. For this specific organic raw kombucha, you can not shake the bottle (even though you are tempted because there are cultures on the bottom).

Kombucha Wonder Drink

Wonder drink makes sparkling fermented kombucha teas which also comes in many different flavors – I think wonder drink is a taste that everyone can accept, it has less of a kombucha fizzy taste and more of a green tea + flavor taste.

–expressive sole

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