hearty consumption: brunch is after breakfast and before lunch.

Tuesday September 13, 2011

Solving a craving a day, keeps the doctors away. anothercoldday and I were craving for some hashbrowns (when do I ever stop craving for food?) so that was the food choice for the day or at least the food choice for brunch/lunch. anothercoldday is my food-craving friend, she is the ultimate best. Well, she is not only a friend that craves food with me, she’s a really good friend that craves food with me.

Irving Street Cafe
716 Irving St
(between 8th Ave & 9th Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94122
Neighborhood: Inner Sunset

Sour dough bread (left) and wheat bread (right) with butter and apple jelly

Nicely shaped butter, down to the very T.

Take a look at the apple jelly.

Sausage omelette (made with three eggs) with hash browns

Apple sausage omelette (made with two eggs) with hash browns

anothercoldday and I have already eaten at this cafe once before, but the last time we came we ate burgers and fries. This time we came for the hash browns – and they did not disappoint. The hash browns were really crispy and delicious (much more cripsy than I have ever had before). The sausage omelette cost about $5.25 and the apple sausage omelette was $5.00, this was because the sausage omelette contains three eggs and was on the regular menu while the apple sausage omelette containts two eggs and was on the special menu.

If you are looking for a filling cheap meal, go to the Irving Cafe next time to fulfill your eating desires.

–expressive sole

  1. man that was really good breakfast/lunch=brunch

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