a day full of relaxation.

Tuesday Septemeber 27, 2011

It seems like every Tuesday, anothercoldday and I roam the city looking for new restaurants to embark on our food journey. We always sit on my little pink couch and just ponder about our next meal. Well, today’s toss up was between Mexican or American, anothercoldday decided on good ole’ American burgers and fries.

Hall of Flame Burgers
73 Cambon Dr
(at Castelo Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94132

The colorful chalkboard filled menu.


The many faces of The 76er which is the Hall of Flame Burger’s rendition of the Philly Cheesesteak.


The many faces of the Humdinger which is a classic mushroom and onion burger.

anothercoldday and I agreed that the food was scrumptious except for the fact that the 76er’s bread was a bit dry. anothercoldday said that we should come back just for the chili cheese fries (which I have had before and it is huge).

After such a big feast for lunch on such a lovely day, we went to the beach to exercise off all the calories.

Bird tracks

Feet on the warm sand

Toddler foot next to an adult foot

Being washed away in the ocean water

a dedication in the sand for my wordpress

anothercoldday’s “She sells seashells by the seashore”

After our exercise at the beach (which was not really exercising), we went over to Tuttimelon for some froyo.

Yogurt + Mango swirl and Original + Pomegranate swirl topped with lychee, kiwi, strawberry, mochi, and mango syrup

Pomegranate, chocolate, original, + others topped with different flavored syrup and candy

..and that is the end of a relaxing day in the sun.

–expressive sole

p.s. Go enjoy the sun before it goes away, unless there is no sun in your area.




  1. Nex time I’ll get a burger burger.

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