a quaint evening with live music.

Thursday November 3, 2011

An intimate night with good music and good company – this is what I call a perfect night after the rain. Mother nature definitely was on our side that night. It had been raining extremely hard the entire day, but hours before the concert, the rain had stopped and it was our night to enjoy. The venue (Slim’s; San Francisco, California) was small and quaint, but that was what made the night perfectly wonderful.

Line up:

  • Conner Flynn (with the Rhythm Twins)
  • Kate Voegele
  • Parachute

Slim’s bright neon sign that attracts you before you enter into the venue.


Testing out the lighting inside Slim’s, but you can kind of see the venue.

Conner Flynn

Okay, so my friend who took my camera (taller than I am) does not know how to take pictures – all the pictures turned out extremely dark (but we were not allowed to turn on the flash). Truthfully, I have never heard for Conner Flynn until this night but was entertained by him with his witty personality and charming voice.

Conner Flynn and the Rhythm Twins

The Rhythm Twins are named Fred and George (real names), which is interestingly the names of the twins in Harry Potter. What is also interesting is that the twins are British (and they do have British accents). To tell you the truth, I was extremely curious to see what the twins looked like up close. Because of my curiosity, we moved closer to the stage and saw George (the one playing the guitar) up close. Let me conclude that the twins are extremely pretty and shy.

George of Fred and George

A very blurry Kate Voegele picture

So, Kate Voegele played a character on One Tree Hill (I never knew of this, but then again, I really didn’t watch One Tree Hill). But I find her incredibly cute and petite with a lot of personality. She has a great presence and definitely knows how to open a show for Parachute. I also loved her outfit.

Kate Voegele’s pianist, whom my friend says looks extremely dissatisfied and bored (this was his facial expression through their whole set).

Instead of inserting an extremely blurry photo of Parachute, I have uploaded a live performance instead.

A haunting picture of Will Anderson.

The video does no justice to the live singing of Will Anderson and instrumentals from the rest of Parachute.

This is how close I was to Will Anderson, too bad I couldn’t reach him.

–expressive sole

  1. ^^ looks like a club they use on TV. your friend has shaky hands 😀

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