grapefruit vs. grapes: they are practically the same size

…they always say that laughter is the best medicine, and it is indeed, especially with those that fill you with lots of warmth and joy.

kimtroneats: Why don’t they have freshly squeezed grapefruit juice? (but chuckbonesdaisies and I swear by it that kimtroneats never said grapefruit juice but rather had said grape juice)

expressivesole: Freshly squeezed grape juice?

kimtroneats: Breast feed grape juice?

chuckbonesdaisies: No, freshly squeezed grape juice?

kimtroneats: They have freshly squeezed orange juice, so..why don’t they have freshly squeezed grape juice?

expressivesole: How would they make freshly squeezed grape juice? No one has freshly squeezed grape juice!

chuckbonesdaisies: Step on them!

kimtroneats: Eww, gross!

chuckbonesdaisies: But that is how you make wine!

kimtroneats: You use the thing that you use to squeeze oranges to make orange juice!

expressivesole: How would you squeeze a grape? It’s so small!

kimtroneats: The same way you squeeze an orange, grapes and oranges are about the same size!

expressivesole: (thinking hard and comparing the size of grapes and oranges) Oranges and grapes are the same size?

We finally cleared the whole grapefruit and grape ordeal and proceed to laugh uncontrollably for five minutes. The three of us are old and hard of hearing, and plus, I feel extremely stupid for really trying to compare a grape to a grapefruit!

–expressive sole

p.s Always a pleasure to laugh with these two old women!

  1. hahahaha that just made laugh out loud again.

    • now it is embedded in my wordpress for us to read over and over again! haha, it’s hilarious how we all have horrible hearing!

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