free day at the California Academy of Science

Sunday June 3, 2012
Sunday is Fun Day at the California Academy of Science

On Sunday June 3, 2012, the California Academy of Science opened its doors with one of its many free first Sunday entrance days. No one can resist the word free, and with the word free comes complications – parking, lines, and the unpredictable San Francisco weather. Sadly enough, the man friend and I were not able to shy away from any of these complications. But at the end of the day, we had a great time with each other’s company.

Beautiful roses from the Golden Gate Park Rose Garden: taking the back road to the De Young Museum allowed us to step into the beautiful Golden Gate Park Rose Garden. There were rows and rows of beautifully aligned beds of roses just laying out in the tender warm sun.

African Ostrich Chicks at the Academy of Science: these chicks are just adorable and a bit bad ass looking. I absolutely adore the second picture because it looks like the two African Ostrich Chicks walking away are conspiring something against the three laying down.

I wish I could live under water with all the mystical creatures.

Moon Jelly Octopus: they are are transparent and take on the color of the LED lights in the tank, pretty huh?

Starfish just sucked up against the glass wall in the penguin exhibit.


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