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a promise that can’t be broken

It began with the words “it’s a good trade for you” – he asked for my glow-in-the-dark bracelet
in exchange for his livestrong bracelet. But in the end, I’d say it’s a good trade for him, he says it’s a good trade
for the both us.



stepping out of your comfort zone

Sunday August 19, 2012
Exploring a different side of the city: Wicked Grounds, The Spot Lounge, E.T.C Dessert House

Wicked Grounds is San Francisco’s first and only kink cafe and boutique (or so it claims on it’s website) and Sunday was the monthly “Bring you Human Animal Night“, which was the main reason why we decided to go the Wicked Grounds. We ended up not seeing any human animals but it wasn’t a bust. We had “Princess Parking” and board games to fulfill our disappointment, but one things that did disappoint my friend was their iced coffee with vanilla flavoring.

We played Candy Land and Life.

We played our own version of Life, seeing as we did not read the instructions, we were all in terrible debt because of not following the game. The instructions was printed on the cover on the box, but we didn’t notice it until we finished the game.

Being a naughty one, one of them wanted to play Pornopoly, but we opted for Life instead because none of wanted to play Monopoly.

Nothing screams more kinky than Candy Land and Life!

After Wicked Grounds, we headed to The Spot Lounge and overindulged with a kimchi fried rice for each of us (none of us finished and we ended up all taking it to-go), we could have shared one kimchi fried rice. We also ordered kimchi pancake and guava soju (delicious, tastes just like juice). After indulging in savory food, we decided to one up ourselves with dessert.


Honey brick toast, delicious!
Warning: if you go to E.T.C Dessert House, pee at home first! The bathroom is not located in the cafe, but rather up some scary dark stairs!

Three places in four hours, we are just way too good!

–expressive sole

p.s That night I helped my housemate pre-order the Disney Villain Designer Collection. They are just beautifully made, there’s also a Disney Princess Designer Collection counterpart.

California Academy of Science Night Life: crafting

Thursday August 16, 2012
California Academy of Science and Underdogs Taco Shop

Each Thursday, the California Academy of Science hosts a 21+ event called Nightlife – every week it is a different theme which you can enjoy with DJ’s and a bar. Another plus is that tickets are $12 compared to the general admission of $29.95. I would recommend purchasing tickets online beforehand because the entrance line was already a mile long at 5:30 pm (doors open at 6:00 pm).

Girl’s night out started with us getting dolled up (there is no dress code for Nightlife, but we wanted to dress up for the event) and drinking UV Cake Vodka with AW Rootbeer. Surprisingly we found what my housemate would call “Princess Parking” – it’s close parking. But I am guessing that is because all the other places in Golden Gate Park are closed at this time. Although we found “Princess Parking”, the line to Nightlife was already a mile long by 5:30 pm, but the wait didn’t feel very long because we laughed and talked away.

The already established long line at 5:30 pm filled with 21+ adults.

Looking at snakes (I am extremely scared of snakes, but I am deathly afraid of spiders). Moments after this photo was taken, my housemate (in the black cardigan) tried to make the snake (top right photo) move by dancing crazily.

This butterfly mocked me, every time I was just about to snap a photo of it, it would close it’s wings. I was finally able to take a picture of it on different level of the exhibit. Maybe it’s an entirely different butterfly, I’ll never know. If you are afraid of birds (like my housemate) or butterflies, do not come to this exhibit.

A warty frog’s behind – if you know me, you’ll know I have some sort of “butt obsession” on animals and possibly in this case an amphibian.

The craft area was packed with 21+-ers laughing and drinking away attempting to make specialties. There was bracelet making, etching letters into a cooper pendant, hot glue gun station, led light making, wool making, and so forth. We were pressed for time, we weren’t able to do a lot. We were only at the craft area for about an hour, other times was spent exploring and watching the Earthquake (which I highly recommend). Near the entrance, there was a section of art sellers. We stopped by a poet lady, who is extremely talented. She writes a short poem for you or a person of your choice with a typewriter on pretty scrapbook paper of your choosing. The way it works is: you tell her a little about yourself or a person of your choosing, and then she starts writing a beautiful poem. My housemate got one and it was very creative and we were in awe.

After Nightlife, we went to Underdog Taco Shop for some cider and delicious food (we were extremely hungry since none of us had eaten dinner beforehand). When we were leaving Golden Gate Park, my housemate proceeded to tell me about the “Golden Gate Park Ghost Cop”. I hate when she tells me scary stories!

— expressivesole


a thousand bad shots to get one good shot

Thursday August 2, 2012
Legion of Honor and China Beach

A friend and I went out to Legion of Honor to explore and do some test shots with the cameras (I have not been able to play with the Olympus PEN EPL-1, I do not know it’s full potential, and I still need to buy FD to m4/3 adapters that I said I’d buy three months ago). It was a day full of laughter and fun in the freezing San Francisco weather.


Legion of Honor columns and archway – it’s a popular spot for engaged couples and newly married couples to have their photos taken.

These flowers look like eggs, just looking at it made me hungry, my friend did not think they resembled eggs, what do you think?

A memorial for the Holocaust victims.

It was extremely foggy that day and I had to manually set the camera just to get a decent shot – oh San Francisco weather.

My dear friend setting up his camera to take a picture of a trees!

The San Francisco Bay Bridge under a pile of white fog – it was breathtaking, but I was unable to take a picture because the fog covered most of the bridge.

China Beach – we spotted dolphins swimming. China Beach can actually be seen where we stood at the Legion of Honor hills.


summer days of 2012: Alice Summerthing

Sunday June 24, 2012 – Alice Summerthing Concert


Vicci Martinez
Scars on 45
Boys Like Girls
Adam Lambert

It started off as “one of those days”, you know, one of those days that you wish you didn’t go to bed so late the night before (or the morning of the event), one of those days that you wish you could sleep in more, one of those days that you wish you didn’t take on any responsibility, yes, it was the beginning of “one of those days” on Sunday June 24, 2012. But hey, “one of those days” ended up becoming a relaxing day – just us and a free concert (stress the word, free).

Waking up at 8:50 am with “free Kevin” stamped on my wrist and smoke-filled hair made me want to shout ^$#@*)(*#! The night of Saturday June 23, 2012 was filled with laughter and playing catch up at Sushi Boat (good sushi, good sake bombs, and good company) and dancing at Ruby Skye (where we saw Adrian Lux spinning in action). So, one can naturally see why I had an angst for waking up at 8:50 am to make lemon water and homemade toasted sandwiches (filled with homemade basil garlic aioli, turkey, provolone, onions, and tomatoes).

Man friend and my lemon water and homemade toasted sandwiches on our newly bought waterproof beach blanket.

After 50 minutes of bustling around the kitchen and trying to be homey people early in the morning, man friend and I were finally ready to leave the house to head to Golden Gate Park  (Hellman Hollow, previously known as Speedway Meadow). Our plan was to park on Judah because we didn’t want to be stuck trying to find parking at Golden Gate Park, but little did we know that there was so many parking spots to chose from close to Hellman Hollow. The man friend and I got their pretty early and got to choose really good front row seats.

Up close and personal with either Graffiti6 or Scars on 45’s mic check.

Vicci Martinez’s set.


p.s It is August 20, 2012 and I had forgotten to most this entry, it was written on July 3, 2012.