a thousand bad shots to get one good shot

Thursday August 2, 2012
Legion of Honor and China Beach

A friend and I went out to Legion of Honor to explore and do some test shots with the cameras (I have not been able to play with the Olympus PEN EPL-1, I do not know it’s full potential, and I still need to buy FD to m4/3 adapters that I said I’d buy three months ago). It was a day full of laughter and fun in the freezing San Francisco weather.


Legion of Honor columns and archway – it’s a popular spot for engaged couples and newly married couples to have their photos taken.

These flowers look like eggs, just looking at it made me hungry, my friend did not think they resembled eggs, what do you think?

A memorial for the Holocaust victims.

It was extremely foggy that day and I had to manually set the camera just to get a decent shot – oh San Francisco weather.

My dear friend setting up his camera to take a picture of a trees!

The San Francisco Bay Bridge under a pile of white fog – it was breathtaking, but I was unable to take a picture because the fog covered most of the bridge.

China Beach – we spotted dolphins swimming. China Beach can actually be seen where we stood at the Legion of Honor hills.


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