stepping out of your comfort zone

Sunday August 19, 2012
Exploring a different side of the city: Wicked Grounds, The Spot Lounge, E.T.C Dessert House

Wicked Grounds is San Francisco’s first and only kink cafe and boutique (or so it claims on it’s website) and Sunday was the monthly “Bring you Human Animal Night“, which was the main reason why we decided to go the Wicked Grounds. We ended up not seeing any human animals but it wasn’t a bust. We had “Princess Parking” and board games to fulfill our disappointment, but one things that did disappoint my friend was their iced coffee with vanilla flavoring.

We played Candy Land and Life.

We played our own version of Life, seeing as we did not read the instructions, we were all in terrible debt because of not following the game. The instructions was printed on the cover on the box, but we didn’t notice it until we finished the game.

Being a naughty one, one of them wanted to play Pornopoly, but we opted for Life instead because none of wanted to play Monopoly.

Nothing screams more kinky than Candy Land and Life!

After Wicked Grounds, we headed to The Spot Lounge and overindulged with a kimchi fried rice for each of us (none of us finished and we ended up all taking it to-go), we could have shared one kimchi fried rice. We also ordered kimchi pancake and guava soju (delicious, tastes just like juice). After indulging in savory food, we decided to one up ourselves with dessert.


Honey brick toast, delicious!
Warning: if you go to E.T.C Dessert House, pee at home first! The bathroom is not located in the cafe, but rather up some scary dark stairs!

Three places in four hours, we are just way too good!

–expressive sole

p.s That night I helped my housemate pre-order the Disney Villain Designer Collection. They are just beautifully made, there’s also a Disney Princess Designer Collection counterpart.

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