a proud “running” moment: 5K in under 30 minutes

I started actively running again ~3 weeks ago (3x a week) in search of being able to run a 5K under 30 minutes – Mr. Best Boyfriend and I (along with some friends) are running the Firefly run and it’s a 5K, which is why Mr. Best Boyfriend and I had a goal set in stone of running it under 30 minutes. ~3 weeks ago I would have never thought that a 5K under 30 minutes could be possible, especially when I haven’t ran actively in over a year. I’ve ran here and there, but I never did a timed run.

Well, on Thursday September 13, 2012, I ran a 5K in under 30 minutes, 28 minutes to be exact. After the run, I was so proud of myself and I was also quite proud of Mr. Best Boyfriend. He didn’t know if he could run a 5K nonstop, so he was pretty sore after it all, but it was all worth it. We were basking in our 28 minute run and giving each other high fives. I don’t think I could ask for a better running partner (well, most of the time I run  by myself, but it was because I was running with him that I was able to keep my pace and never fall behind). I think that a running partner really motivates you when you want to stop. Hopefully I will be able to challenge myself more in the future.

“I am not as good as my last run, I will be better, and I will do better, I know I am better than my last run!”


  1. Congrats!!! 😀

    • Thank you!!
      You know I was always really reluctant to run, I always wore my running clothes but never ran! Now I want to run, crazy huh?

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