nothing can beat the iPhone 5

Friday September 21, 2012
After Diablo 3, it’s the iPhone 5.
Let’s say goodbye to Mr. Best Boyfriend for a couple weeks,
his new and improved baby was delivered safe and sound by the UPS stork.

(exhibit A, he can’t wait to snuggle up next to his white glossy iPhone 5)

–expressive sole

p.s. It’s all in good fun, I enjoy new gadgets too!
p.p.s. Mr. Best Boyfriend is putting his iPhone 5 away back into the iPhone box. He “accidentally” dropped it too hard and yelped out a “Noooo, I dropped it too hard!” So silly, is this what I do to all my new shiny pretty things too?

  1. tell him to play Monster Paradise and use my invite code so we both can get goodies 🙂

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