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Outside Lands 2013

..and incredible weekend filled with music:

Paul McCartney
Jurassic 5
Hall & Oates
Emili Sande
Willie Nelson & Family
Matt & Kim
Red Hot Chili Peppers

..just to name a few incredible acts from this years line-up – along with great music, there were also great comedians and great food!


IMG_0610 IMG_0582 IMG_0592 IMG_0603 IMG_0605

(Just a sample of what went on in that little Golden Gate Park bubble for an entire weekend – let’s just say that there was walking, more walking, and more walking but with all that walking came great music, great friends, and great food)

It was pure bliss and pure joy to hear the Sir Paul McCartney sing “Let it Be”, “Hey Jude”, and “Yesterday” live – when Mr. Best Boyfriend gives me the video files, I will upload them for you all to hear. I doubt it will be the same experience as seeing it live, but I want you all to enjoy what I had enjoyed! We got a little taste of everything, sampled some new music, watched some great acts, laughed to some comedians jokes, and ate some expensive yet decent food. At the end of each night I felt like my feet were going to fall off since we had to walk back to our cars after walking out of Golden Gate Park and my nose was filled with dust and dirt but it was an experience in itself – oh and trying to meet up with friends and staying with them was also very difficult since we would walk together and end up getting sidetracked and lost (ie ZEDD, we met up with our friends and people kept pushing their way forward so our friends got pushed back and we got pushed forward and when his set ended we just went our separate ways because there were too many people to find each other again, and when we did find each other again we just got lost again). I think I walked 10 miles in one day going from Land’s End to Twin Peaks and then back to Land’s End..and then we repeated the cycle many many times in one day.

p.s On Sunday, while Mr. Best Boyfriend and I entered into Golden Gate Park (near Land’s End – the big main stage) we saw a girl wearing a hoodie running into the park and the police were chasing after her, as soon as we passed the tunnel (imagine a short tunnel) she was caught and then taken into custody! It was quite a show because there weren’t that many people yet since we got there around 1:00 PM and it was Sunday so she was easily spotted! Lesson learned: don’t try to sneak into Outside Lands, you will get caught and your bail might just cost as much as a ticket! Oh and a friend of ours got drunk the night before and sold his ticket on Stub Hub and he didn’t know so he came to Outside Lands and was denied – *sigh friends don’t let friends sell their tickets! Haha.

p.p.s Fun Fact: I am pee shy, which means that I do not like peeing in random places unless I really really have to but the whole weekend I had to use the port-a-potties and now I think I can go anywhere (maybe). Darn for no ins and outs! Mr. Best Boyfriend and I would usually try to find the ones that they just cleaned out but that didn’t really make it too much better but I still went, so proud of myself.


a happy anniversary celebration lunch

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On Sunday November 25, 2012, Mr. Best Boyfriend and I celebrated our anniversary – it was a very relaxing day. It started off with a homemade lunch, courtesy of Mr. Best Boyfriend; he plated homemade brisket, brussel sprouts, and Stouffers macaroni and cheese. It was a delicious meal. Thank you Mr. Best Boyfriend. He said: “I will never make food that requires a total cook time of 4 hours anymore!” We then proceeded to frolic at Golden Gate Park and the Marina Greens with a kite and bubbles. We ended the night eating at a restaurant I have been dying to try: Woodhouse Fish Company (it was delicious; light and clean).

Happy Anniversary Mr. Best Boyfriend.

we are the GIANTS: Giants sweep Tigers

Giants won.



1) 4-3.
2) Sweep, Sweep, Sw-e-e-e-ep.
3) It was an intense game – I was on the edge of my seat all the way till the end, we were chanting: 3 more outs, 2 more out, 1 more out, YEEEEEEES!
4) Giants won their second world series in 3 years.
5) Now let’s go celebrate with a parade!


a drunken state: lots and lots of alcohol

…candy and alcohol – an experiment for two.

A friend and I decided to make drunken gummy bears and vodka infused with jolly ranchers for a birthday party – the both of us were clueless so we decided to play chemist and make different concoctions.

After reading an immense amount of recipes on drunken gummies, we decided to soak Swedish Fish and Gummy Bears for 1 day, 2 days, and 3 days (we also did an experiment with putting them in the refrigerator: DO NOT put them in the refrigerator, it makes the gummy bears hard). After 1 day, the Swedish Fish turned white and murky and fell apart – DO NOT use Swedish Fish, they are not meant to withstand alcohol.

We completely immersed the gummies in alcohol and that is a big mistake, because it tasted too much like alcohol and not enough Gummy Bear flavor. When it came to our “real” batch, we put all the Gummy Bears (omitted the Swedish Fish) in a large container and poured vodka (cheap Costco vodka) just enough so that the Gummy Bears were not immersed in the vodka.

We would churn the Gummy Bears every couple of hours so that all the Gummy Bears have a chance to soak in the alcohol since we did not immerse the Gummy Bears in alcohol. After 3 days, the Gummy Bears no longer tasted like vodka, but like yummy puffed up candy (it’s deadly because you eat too much and it hits you hard).

Sorting Jolly Ranchers (boy were they sticky).

We ended up adding more vodka because the Jolly Ranchers stopped saturating and just sat at the bottom of the container. Adding more vodka worked and it ended up saturating fully. Everyone at the party loved the vodka infused with Jolly Ranchers (beware, grape tasted like Robitussim DM.


p.s The birthday party was a hit and we played King’s cup and drank bacon infused vodka (which killed me the next day, I was dry heaving the whole night because of the bacon vodka). My favorite was pudding shots with creme de menthe, it tastes just like my mint chocolate chip cookies, it did not taste like alcohol at all!

nothing can beat the iPhone 5

Friday September 21, 2012
After Diablo 3, it’s the iPhone 5.
Let’s say goodbye to Mr. Best Boyfriend for a couple weeks,
his new and improved baby was delivered safe and sound by the UPS stork.

(exhibit A, he can’t wait to snuggle up next to his white glossy iPhone 5)

–expressive sole

p.s. It’s all in good fun, I enjoy new gadgets too!
p.p.s. Mr. Best Boyfriend is putting his iPhone 5 away back into the iPhone box. He “accidentally” dropped it too hard and yelped out a “Noooo, I dropped it too hard!” So silly, is this what I do to all my new shiny pretty things too?

a congratulatory message: Giants 5k Run


On Sunday September 16, 2012, “The Giant Race” was held in San Francisco at AT&T Park – Mr. Best Boyfriend along with his friend ran the 5K (there was also a 10K and a half marathon). I am extremely proud of him because 1) he woke up at 6:45 am (the 5k race starts at 8:00 am) when he usually wakes up at 10:00 am for work – oh lucky him, 2) he finished the race without stopping at ~28 minutes, even though he said he really wanted to stop and start walking 3) HE DID IT!

I can not be any more proud of him, now it’s onto the Firefly Run, I am extremely excited! Mr. Best Boyfriend asked me if I was more excited about the costume contest or for the run, I thought about it for a minute and responded with, “I’m more excited for the run!”. I’m sure I will feel extremely rewarded after running the 5k and finishing it!

Congratulations on The Giants Race
I am infinitely proud!


stepping out of your comfort zone

Sunday August 19, 2012
Exploring a different side of the city: Wicked Grounds, The Spot Lounge, E.T.C Dessert House

Wicked Grounds is San Francisco’s first and only kink cafe and boutique (or so it claims on it’s website) and Sunday was the monthly “Bring you Human Animal Night“, which was the main reason why we decided to go the Wicked Grounds. We ended up not seeing any human animals but it wasn’t a bust. We had “Princess Parking” and board games to fulfill our disappointment, but one things that did disappoint my friend was their iced coffee with vanilla flavoring.

We played Candy Land and Life.

We played our own version of Life, seeing as we did not read the instructions, we were all in terrible debt because of not following the game. The instructions was printed on the cover on the box, but we didn’t notice it until we finished the game.

Being a naughty one, one of them wanted to play Pornopoly, but we opted for Life instead because none of wanted to play Monopoly.

Nothing screams more kinky than Candy Land and Life!

After Wicked Grounds, we headed to The Spot Lounge and overindulged with a kimchi fried rice for each of us (none of us finished and we ended up all taking it to-go), we could have shared one kimchi fried rice. We also ordered kimchi pancake and guava soju (delicious, tastes just like juice). After indulging in savory food, we decided to one up ourselves with dessert.


Honey brick toast, delicious!
Warning: if you go to E.T.C Dessert House, pee at home first! The bathroom is not located in the cafe, but rather up some scary dark stairs!

Three places in four hours, we are just way too good!

–expressive sole

p.s That night I helped my housemate pre-order the Disney Villain Designer Collection. They are just beautifully made, there’s also a Disney Princess Designer Collection counterpart.