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Outside Lands 2013

..and incredible weekend filled with music:

Paul McCartney
Jurassic 5
Hall & Oates
Emili Sande
Willie Nelson & Family
Matt & Kim
Red Hot Chili Peppers

..just to name a few incredible acts from this years line-up – along with great music, there were also great comedians and great food!


IMG_0610 IMG_0582 IMG_0592 IMG_0603 IMG_0605

(Just a sample of what went on in that little Golden Gate Park bubble for an entire weekend – let’s just say that there was walking, more walking, and more walking but with all that walking came great music, great friends, and great food)

It was pure bliss and pure joy to hear the Sir Paul McCartney sing “Let it Be”, “Hey Jude”, and “Yesterday” live – when Mr. Best Boyfriend gives me the video files, I will upload them for you all to hear. I doubt it will be the same experience as seeing it live, but I want you all to enjoy what I had enjoyed! We got a little taste of everything, sampled some new music, watched some great acts, laughed to some comedians jokes, and ate some expensive yet decent food. At the end of each night I felt like my feet were going to fall off since we had to walk back to our cars after walking out of Golden Gate Park and my nose was filled with dust and dirt but it was an experience in itself – oh and trying to meet up with friends and staying with them was also very difficult since we would walk together and end up getting sidetracked and lost (ie ZEDD, we met up with our friends and people kept pushing their way forward so our friends got pushed back and we got pushed forward and when his set ended we just went our separate ways because there were too many people to find each other again, and when we did find each other again we just got lost again). I think I walked 10 miles in one day going from Land’s End to Twin Peaks and then back to Land’s End..and then we repeated the cycle many many times in one day.

p.s On Sunday, while Mr. Best Boyfriend and I entered into Golden Gate Park (near Land’s End – the big main stage) we saw a girl wearing a hoodie running into the park and the police were chasing after her, as soon as we passed the tunnel (imagine a short tunnel) she was caught and then taken into custody! It was quite a show because there weren’t that many people yet since we got there around 1:00 PM and it was Sunday so she was easily spotted! Lesson learned: don’t try to sneak into Outside Lands, you will get caught and your bail might just cost as much as a ticket! Oh and a friend of ours got drunk the night before and sold his ticket on Stub Hub and he didn’t know so he came to Outside Lands and was denied – *sigh friends don’t let friends sell their tickets! Haha.

p.p.s Fun Fact: I am pee shy, which means that I do not like peeing in random places unless I really really have to but the whole weekend I had to use the port-a-potties and now I think I can go anywhere (maybe). Darn for no ins and outs! Mr. Best Boyfriend and I would usually try to find the ones that they just cleaned out but that didn’t really make it too much better but I still went, so proud of myself.


summer days of 2012: Alice Summerthing

Sunday June 24, 2012 – Alice Summerthing Concert


Vicci Martinez
Scars on 45
Boys Like Girls
Adam Lambert

It started off as “one of those days”, you know, one of those days that you wish you didn’t go to bed so late the night before (or the morning of the event), one of those days that you wish you could sleep in more, one of those days that you wish you didn’t take on any responsibility, yes, it was the beginning of “one of those days” on Sunday June 24, 2012. But hey, “one of those days” ended up becoming a relaxing day – just us and a free concert (stress the word, free).

Waking up at 8:50 am with “free Kevin” stamped on my wrist and smoke-filled hair made me want to shout ^$#@*)(*#! The night of Saturday June 23, 2012 was filled with laughter and playing catch up at Sushi Boat (good sushi, good sake bombs, and good company) and dancing at Ruby Skye (where we saw Adrian Lux spinning in action). So, one can naturally see why I had an angst for waking up at 8:50 am to make lemon water and homemade toasted sandwiches (filled with homemade basil garlic aioli, turkey, provolone, onions, and tomatoes).

Man friend and my lemon water and homemade toasted sandwiches on our newly bought waterproof beach blanket.

After 50 minutes of bustling around the kitchen and trying to be homey people early in the morning, man friend and I were finally ready to leave the house to head to Golden Gate Park  (Hellman Hollow, previously known as Speedway Meadow). Our plan was to park on Judah because we didn’t want to be stuck trying to find parking at Golden Gate Park, but little did we know that there was so many parking spots to chose from close to Hellman Hollow. The man friend and I got their pretty early and got to choose really good front row seats.

Up close and personal with either Graffiti6 or Scars on 45’s mic check.

Vicci Martinez’s set.


p.s It is August 20, 2012 and I had forgotten to most this entry, it was written on July 3, 2012.

free day at the California Academy of Science

Sunday June 3, 2012
Sunday is Fun Day at the California Academy of Science

On Sunday June 3, 2012, the California Academy of Science opened its doors with one of its many free first Sunday entrance days. No one can resist the word free, and with the word free comes complications – parking, lines, and the unpredictable San Francisco weather. Sadly enough, the man friend and I were not able to shy away from any of these complications. But at the end of the day, we had a great time with each other’s company.

Beautiful roses from the Golden Gate Park Rose Garden: taking the back road to the De Young Museum allowed us to step into the beautiful Golden Gate Park Rose Garden. There were rows and rows of beautifully aligned beds of roses just laying out in the tender warm sun.

African Ostrich Chicks at the Academy of Science: these chicks are just adorable and a bit bad ass looking. I absolutely adore the second picture because it looks like the two African Ostrich Chicks walking away are conspiring something against the three laying down.

I wish I could live under water with all the mystical creatures.

Moon Jelly Octopus: they are are transparent and take on the color of the LED lights in the tank, pretty huh?

Starfish just sucked up against the glass wall in the penguin exhibit.


San Francisco Giants vs Oakland A’s

Sunday May 20, 2012
Giants vs A’s


Diorama Filter

 Taken with OLYMPUS Pen EPL-1

Six months ago, my point and shoot camera had died and gone to the grave – it has been a sad six months, since I was unable to take pictures of every special moment that I have lived in those six months (well, I can use my phone camera, and I do, but it’s just the not the same). Well, I finally jumped the wagon and bought a new camera on May 15, 2012, a black OLYMPUS PEN EPL-1 named: “little baby”. The man friend and I decided to name our cameras “little baby” and “big papa” respectively because the PEN is smaller and our everyday camera while his Canon DSLR is bigger and our special occasion camera (he doesn’t like lugging it around often because of it’s weight).

The Giants vs A’s game is the first time I have been able to take the “little baby” out for some test shots, but I was too immersed in the game to have taken more than these two shots . Sadly the Giants lost, but hey, they won 2/3 games! It was a sold out game, can you tell by the pictures?

p.s All of us ended up being burned by the blazing sun, my shoulders had a “fever” for days! We all ended up peeling after six days, we’re reptiles!

summer days series #4

Sunday, June 26, 2011 – Alice’s Sumerthing Concert


  • OneRepublic
  • Matt Nathanson
  • Michelle Branch
  • Parachute
  • Andrew Allen
Alice Music @ 97.3 hosts a free concert every summer at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco – I like the words: free and concert in one sentence. Everyone knows how expensive summer concerts can be, especially if you are planning to see more than one artist. I have been looking forward to enjoying a concert this summer, but looking at the steep prices (well, I am not rich) my heart sunk! Well, what
better way to enjoy a concert that is free, outdoors, and has five bands performing? Alice Music brings Summerthing Concert for 2011.
kimtron.eats made sandwiches with the left over meat from
The view from the groups sitting spot. At least the stage is somewhat visible, but there is always a horde of people blocking the stage (ie. as seen in photo above). But this was the best spot that would allow all four of us to sit together comfortably – it took kimtron.eats and I about fifteen minutes to find a spot. It was a maze: we were stepping over people, we were finding cracks to step on, and we were hot and tired. After much disappointment, we ended back to the beginning. At least we finally got to sit, imagine if our group was ten + people!
Two people were passing out free mini-flying discs and beach balls, we were fortunate enough to score one of each. These will be used for future outings, unless the person holding onto these objects loses them.

Hello bright and big orange balloon! A smart way to mark your spot for friends and family to come and find you easily. Next year, we should bring a big object to let our group know where we are sitting. Because calling your group on the phone with lots of back noise is not the best idea.

Person 1: Hello, we are sitting here!
Person 2: Where?
Person 1: HERE!
Person 2: HUH?
Person1: Near this tent thing!
Person 2: I can’t hear you!
A bright and big orange balloon solves everything!
OneRepublic – the main and last band to perform: music for the ears! OneRepublic’s live performance is just plain musical, a great way to end the concert with great music.
After the concert:
On the MUNI ride back to Powell, there was a very odd conversation going on between a girl and a boy (I will label them girl and boy). Girl was giving boy advice on how he would be able to achieve “cool-status” by changing himself: looks, personality, the whole package. He asked if he was “cool” enough to be able to gain a girlfriend (or something along those lines, I am skewing their conversation) and she said that if he changed his hair and clothes he might be able to get a girlfriend because that is ultimately what “gets girls.” There was a lot more but plainly the conversation was just borderline weird – he needs to drop his advice girl and get a new one because she was not helpful.
— expressive sole

summer days series #3

Tuesday June 21, 2011 – sand between our toes (the REAL start of summer).

Sun + beach = pure relaxing and pure fun – it’s where dreams come true (no wait, that’s Disneyland!). Beach day was planned for Monday June 20, 2011, but laziness took over and it was postponed a day; the weather man said that Tuesday June 21, 2011 would be the best day to go to the beach (because the weather would change for the worse the days following).


Not a day goes by without eating some delicious food and beach day is no different from the other days – my friend and I picked up some nachos and Minute Maid Soft Frozen Lemonade. The nachos were first purchased because I feared that the soft frozen lemonade would melt right away, good call, but then later on, my friend and I found the nacho chips to be quite soggy. I remember the soft frozen lemonade to be much more tasty while walking around in a theme park, but this particular day, it was a flop – way too sweet for my liking.

After eating, people watching is a must! As creepy as this sounds but I love people watching – as in, sitting at a cafe, beach, or wherever to just sit and watch people go about their daily life. Look at the color of the water, so blue, so serene.

Look at the people running around and splashing in their bathing suits – so fun! This picture is the epitome of good summer beach days, I love it! I wish everyday was nice and warm, it would make life so much better – vitamin D makes people happy!

Friendships are being built at the beach, two dogs started off as strangers but then built a friendship while playing tag!

I dream of blue skies, blue waters, and soft warm sand between my toes.

Imprints made into the sand!

My friend and I were troubled as to what we should eat for dinner, so we literally drove around in circles until I said The Counter! The Counter is a burger joint where custom built burgers are made (choose your own: meat/or veggie, size, bread, cheese, topping, sauce, and bun).

Half and half – my friend and I cut our burgers in half and we each had a taste of the two burgers. Deliciously tasty! But a burger is just a burger so it would be good either way – one thing I liked is that both our choice of meat can be overcooked easily but the chicken and turkey were still very moist inside!

–expressive sole

summer days series #2

Saturday June 18, 2011 – picnicking under the sun.

Thursday June 16, 2011: after watching The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (and being explained what happened for a good 20 minutes – hey, it was confusing and sad!), three of us (no name dropping here) decided to plan our summer days, and we came up with picnicking on Saturday June 18, 2011! Fastest planning EVER, and it happened! Wow! The time, location, and food was all prepped and ready, all that is left is to go out and play!

A picnic is never complete without some good ‘ole summer eating – homemade sandwiches, soda, popsicles (*pictured below) and popcorn (substitution for chips).

Popsicles must be eaten first and were eaten first because they would have melted if we ate them after our sandwiches and our popcorn! Reverse lunch eating is the best!

Kite flying was tiring! WE (two of us, one was just a photographer) tried several times to get the kite up and flying but it was a fail attempt! The family next to us got their kite up and flying really high and ours went limp after a good five minutes! Either we really suck at kite flying or the kite really hates us or we need to get a new kite! But look at how blue the sky was that day, so nice and pretty to just frolic under!

To read more about this picnicking trip, read kimtroneats’ wordpress (part 1 picnicking trip) because I did not take enough pictures on my camera!

–expressive sole
dance with me under the sun