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Macarons from Paris, France

Actually, these macarons hail from Laduree in New York, New York – apparently the storefront has macarons shipped from Paris, France every two days (it must be good, right!?).


Can you spot the sheeps and the cute packaging?


From L to R: Marie Antoinette, Chocolate, Caramel, Vanilla, Rose


My favorites from most to least is: Vanilla, Caramel, Marie Antoinette, Chocolate, Rose.



honey, you are so delicious!

Alittle over a year ago my dad became interested in harvesting bees and so here we are today..

extracting fresh honey!



Extracting honey from honeycombs !



Honey going through filter #1 (got to have clean non gritty honey!)


..and finally into mason jams!

Extracting honey is no easy task, it took several hours because there was a lot of waiting to be done (had to filter it 3 times and honey drips extremely slow during the fall season). But boy, it was worth it to have such yummy honey spread on my homemade bread for breakfast! I love fresh honey, it is delicious!

San Francisco 49ers Cupcakes: Superbowl Cupcakes


Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting
Waiting for game day ­čÖé

expressivesole cooks: french toast cupcake with maple buttercream


Adapted from: Bakingdom
A streusel topped French toast cupcake with maple buttercream.
You will love these cupcakes if you: love cinnamon rolls, love french toast,
love breakfast, love sweet stuff, or just plainly love CUPCAKES!

p.s. Mr. Best Boyfriend brought 30 of these cupcakes to work and they loved it. There was a request for bacon on the next batch but I’m already craving a different type of cupcake. Thank goodness I can make a dozen + cupcakes and keep 4 for myself and then the rest goes to work guinea pigs!

sweet indulgence: cupcakes




From left to right:
Row 1: Snickers, S’mores, Red Velvet
Row 2: Maple Bacon, Tiramisu, Pink Lemonade

A sweet way to bring in the new year. Good bye 2012, hello 2013.
To good eats and yummy treats.

–expressive sole

a happy anniversary celebration lunch

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On Sunday November 25, 2012, Mr. Best Boyfriend and I celebrated our anniversary – it was a very┬árelaxing day. It started off with a homemade lunch, courtesy of Mr. Best Boyfriend; he plated┬áhomemade brisket, brussel sprouts, and Stouffers macaroni and cheese. It was a delicious┬ámeal.┬áThank you Mr. Best Boyfriend. He said: “I will never make food that requires a total cook┬átime of 4 hours anymore!” We then proceeded to frolic at Golden Gate Park and the Marina Greens with a kite and bubbles. We ended the night eating at a restaurant I have been dying to try: Woodhouse Fish Company (it was delicious; light and clean).

Happy Anniversary Mr. Best Boyfriend.

a drunken state: lots and lots of alcohol

…candy and alcohol – an experiment for two.

A friend and I decided to make drunken gummy bears and vodka infused with jolly ranchers for a birthday party – the both of us were clueless so we decided to play chemist and make different concoctions.

After reading an immense amount of recipes on drunken gummies, we decided to soak Swedish Fish and Gummy Bears for 1 day, 2 days, and 3 days (we also did an experiment with putting them in the refrigerator: DO NOT put them in the refrigerator, it makes the gummy bears hard). After 1 day, the Swedish Fish turned white and murky and fell apart – DO NOT use Swedish Fish, they are not meant to withstand alcohol.

We completely immersed the gummies in alcohol and that is a big mistake, because it tasted too much like alcohol and not enough Gummy Bear flavor. When it came to our “real” batch, we put all the Gummy Bears (omitted the Swedish Fish) in a large container and poured vodka (cheap Costco vodka) just enough so that the Gummy Bears were not immersed in the vodka.

We would churn the Gummy Bears every couple of hours so that all the Gummy Bears have a chance to soak in the alcohol since we did not immerse the Gummy Bears in alcohol. After 3 days, the Gummy Bears no longer tasted like vodka, but like yummy puffed up candy (it’s deadly because you eat too much and it hits you hard).

Sorting Jolly Ranchers (boy were they sticky).

We ended up adding more vodka because the Jolly Ranchers stopped saturating and just sat at the bottom of the container. Adding more vodka worked and it ended up saturating fully. Everyone at the party loved the vodka infused with Jolly Ranchers (beware, grape tasted like Robitussim DM.


p.s The birthday party was a hit and we played King’s cup and drank bacon infused vodka (which killed me the next day, I was dry heaving the whole night because of the bacon vodka). My favorite was pudding shots with creme de menthe, it tastes just like my mint chocolate chip cookies, it did not taste like alcohol at all!