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food review: La Fonda

La Fonda
Category: Mexican
712 Irving St
(between 8th Ave & 9th Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94122
Neighborhood: Inner Sunset

After walking up and down Irving for quite some time, anothercoldday had settled on La Fonda because of my craving; I had been craving for some good nachos for awhile and La Fonda was a place on Yelp that had received 3.5 stars (and it is located right on Irving, no need to drive elsewhere). Prior to eating at La Fonda, anothercoldday and I had been reading reviews weeks ahead to see if this would be a good place to get a good Mexican kick in the Inner Sunset. I usually look up restaurants on Yelp and bookmark it for our next food adventure. So, believing trusty fellow Yelpers, anothercoldday decided on our next food adventure spot: La Fonda.

After looking up and down the menu, we decided to order a nacho plate with carnitas (to suppress my ultimate craving of eating nachos) and a quesadilla with mushrooms (didn’t want to be conventional, so we went out of the box). My review on La Fonda will not be based on service, but it will be purely based on the food. The service was exceptionally fast and the lady that took our order was extremely friendly and patient, if anyone wanted to know about the service.

The nacho plate and the quesadilla were both a lot smaller than anothercoldday and I had imagined, especially the quesadilla plate (the picture enlarged the quesadilla by 2x).

Nachos with carnitas: I found the carnitas to be a bit dry and chewy, which ruined the nachos as a whole for me. But if I were to base it on just the nachos (without the carnitas) then it would still be and okay dish. I didn’t find the nachos to be tasty, it didn’t have the wow factor. Although I wouldn’t expect any nacho to really give me a “wow”, but I expected more, at least a satisfactory dance in my stomach (since we had been starving). Even with a food deprived stomach, I couldn’t gulf this dish down.

Quesadilla with mushrooms: The worse quesadilla I have ever tried in the many years that I have been alive on this Earth. I say worse and I mean it wholeheartedly. anothercoldday had split it in half and had already gobbled it down, but when it came to my half to gobble down, I couldn’t. I took one bite out of that “thing” (yes, that “thing”) and I had to spit it out. It released my gag reflex. If I had not spit it out, the nachos would have come back up. The consistency of the quesadilla was chewy and rubbery – it  partly may have been because it had cooled down but I can not risk coming back here and trying it again.

La Fonda 5.0/10.0

I do not think I would ever come back here again (maybe to try the burritos), at least awhile from now, maybe I’ll give it a year or so when I have forgotten this horrid taste.

–expressive sole
a queasy dance with food


food review: nong shim – chapaghetti

Chapaghetti is a different flavor of instant ramen that you do not see everyday. It is based off of the Chinese and Korean dish, jajangmyeon or zha jiang mian (which is translated as: black bean noodle). It is commonly served with meat, vegetables, and black bean sauce. I have had freshly made black bean noodle from both Chinese and Korean restaurants so I have some sort of knowledge as to how it should taste.

Chapagetti is chajang and spaghetti mashed together. The way you cook these noodles is similar to Indo Mi’s Mi goreng (if you have ever had Mi goreng). You first boil the water and put in the soup base, after the water is boiling, throw in the noodles into the boiling water. After the noodles are fully cooked, strain the water completely. Then use the sauce packet and oil packet and drizzle all over the noodles with three tsp. of water (which I eye-balled).

I only had two bites of the Chapaghetti and gave up because the taste was horrid. It tasted like a lot of soy sauce was just poured onto the noodles. I tried to eat more because I was desperately hungry, but that didn’t even work up an appetite. I just couldn’t force feed myself something that would make me cringe as I looked at it. A lot of people rave about this being extremely tasty and one of the best instant ramen noodles they have ever had but I beg to differ. I won’t be eating this again. I will only be eating the other Nong Shim branded noodles that I usually eat.

Nong Shim – Chapaghetti 1.0/10.0

-expressive sole

kombucha: oh the “mother mushroom”.

Kombucha is a tea-based beverage that is often drunk for its anecdotal health benefits or medicinal purposes. Kombucha is available commercially and can be made at home by ferminting tea using a visible, solid mass of yeast and bacteria which forms the kombucha culture, often referred to as the “mushroom” or the “mother”.


Recently I was reintroduced to kombucha through my cousin (whom visited with her family from Miami, Florida). It was through an accidental chance that I was able to drink kombucha once again. My cousin is a health nut and she went to several health food stores around in the city but wasn’t able to find kombucha until we shopped around Valencia St, San Francisco, California. I told her to stop by Valencia Farmer’s Market because there was a big “Organic” painted on the side of the store – and lo and behold, there was kombucha. My cousin was very satisfied because she was craving for some kombucha to detoxify her body from all the oils she had consumed (a tourist complaining of eating too much while of vacation, *gasp).

I was curious how kombucha tasted and was very turned off by the response. My cousins both stated that it tasted like fermented beer and it was not in the bit least tasty. But being an explorer of all things edible (minus bugs and other things) I decided to be brave and drink a sip of this so called healthy “beer” tasting drink. One sip and it took me back to my childhood, my taste buds already knew this taste. And my taste buds really liked this fizzy taste of this drink. Then I remembered that a  fellow church member actual made his own kombucha and my parents would often by it from him for health reasons. I am now once again hooked to kombucha, but it is an acquired taste. Some brands of kombucha may be more suitable for some and not for others, I personally like all of them.

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