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expressivesole cooks: peach salad and baked seafood soup with puff pastry

Peach Salad:
1/2 peach (but the peach was humongous, so may need to use 1 whole peach)
1/2 avocado
1 tomato
4 slices of turkey bacon (baked)
garden salad
2 eggs (boiled)
shredded cheese
Mix all together and serve (I would leave the mozzarella and vinaigrette on the side)


Baked Seafood Soup with Puff Pastry
I followed the recipe exactly and it turned out like heaven, it’s easy and delicious. The only thing I did change was I put the butter in after I had already semi-sauteed the onions, it was because I had forgot about the butter. For the white wine I used chardonnay from Trader Joe’s (it was only 1.99) – it’s such a small about of white wine that there is no need to pay for an expensive bottle. The seafood mix I used contained baby scallops, mussels, and shrimp.

Mr. Best Boyfriend and I agreed that the puff pastry still needed to be baked a little bit more because it still tasted a bit doughy, but overall the meal was delicious. I still have a lot of puff pastry left, peach puff pastry dessert next?