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his cooking style: Spanish “paella” inspired meal

Mr. Best Boyfriend attempted to make Spanish paella, and this is the result of his hard labor in the kitchen – it looks nothing like Spanish paella, nor did it taste anything like Spanish paella. *interruption: If you are in the San Francisco area and want to try something new, try Zarzuela (it’s a Spanish Tapas Bar). *back to his cooking style: Truthfully, his version of paella reminded me of chicken fried rice, which is why I say it is a “paella” inspired meal.

–expressive sole


expressivesole cooks: strawberry salad and lemon garlic parsley drumstick

Strawberry Salad:
Same recipe as the Peach Salad but substitue the peaches with strawberries! I personally think that I like the Peach Salad more than the Strawberry Salad (I think the tanginess of the strawberries didn’t go well with the salad that I made).

After thinking and thinking about what to pair my salad with, I was stumped. I didn’t want to go out and buy ingredients, I just wanted to use what I had in my pantry. After looking through my freezer, I found these chicken drumsticks laying in the back. Now, I was stumped as what to do with them.

I seriously just took fresh lemon, fresh minced garlic, and dried parsley and dumped it on the chicken drumsticks. I squeezed more lemon and garlic on half way through the cooking process in the oven.