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expressivesole cooks: steak topped with onions and peas in gravy, garlic mashed potatoes, and brocolli


a happy anniversary celebration lunch

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On Sunday November 25, 2012, Mr. Best Boyfriend and I celebrated our anniversary – it was a very relaxing day. It started off with a homemade lunch, courtesy of Mr. Best Boyfriend; he plated homemade brisket, brussel sprouts, and Stouffers macaroni and cheese. It was a delicious meal. Thank you Mr. Best Boyfriend. He said: “I will never make food that requires a total cook time of 4 hours anymore!” We then proceeded to frolic at Golden Gate Park and the Marina Greens with a kite and bubbles. We ended the night eating at a restaurant I have been dying to try: Woodhouse Fish Company (it was delicious; light and clean).

Happy Anniversary Mr. Best Boyfriend.

his cooking style: Spanish “paella” inspired meal

Mr. Best Boyfriend attempted to make Spanish paella, and this is the result of his hard labor in the kitchen – it looks nothing like Spanish paella, nor did it taste anything like Spanish paella. *interruption: If you are in the San Francisco area and want to try something new, try Zarzuela (it’s a Spanish Tapas Bar). *back to his cooking style: Truthfully, his version of paella reminded me of chicken fried rice, which is why I say it is a “paella” inspired meal.

–expressive sole

expressivesole cooks: shrimp orzo risotto

Ever since Mr. Best Boyfriend and I have started our daily at home meals, we have decided to try to use up all the ingredients we have bought in two weeks, incorporate them into two different meals. For example, one week we will use mushrooms in a risotto and the next week we will use the mushrooms as a pizza topping – this ensures that we don’t waste food or money.

Shrimp Orzo Risotto
I did not use an exact recipe for this dinner but instead just used my senses.  I know the ingredients I used included: mushrooms, red bell pepper, onions shrimp, orzo, heavy cream, salt and pepper, shredded parmesan, and chicken broth.

I boiled the orzo until soft and while that was cooking, I sauteed the mushroom, red bell pepper, and onions. After everything is cooked, I pour the chicken broth into the saute pan along with the mushroom, red bell pepper, and onions, and then I add the already cooked orzo into the saute pan. After it boils, add ~2 tbs of heavy cream and bring to a boil while stirring. I then season the shrimp with pepper and salt to taste and cook until pink. I think chop up the shrimp and add to the orzo. Done! A perfectly yummy dinner.


p.s I am getting really good at this thing called cooking.

happy valentine’s day

Happy Valentine’s Day (+1 day)

Celebrating our first Valentine’s with a quaint dinner for two in the vicinity of my apartment’s little living room – just the two of us, not a peep from the world. We escaped the outside chaos, the chaos of lovers and friends. It was nice to just be able to relax and not be in a rush to a destination (driving and parking in the city can be a hair-pulling experience, the man friend and I have experienced it plenty a times when we were down on our luck).

Valentine’s Day Menu:

Texas Style Chili
Tea Punch
Brownies topped with Vanilla Bean Ice  Cream and Strawberry Puree

Monday February 13, 2012

The man friend and I went shopping for the ingredients that we would need for the Texas Style Chili and the Tea Punch – it was a lot of fun running around the supermarket looking for the ingredients we needed. Before our supermarket experience we ate L&L Hawaiian BBQ; I told anothercoldday and she said that the man friend was a bad boyfriend (since I was sick and that he should have brought me to eat something less oily). I told the man friend what anothercoldday had said, and the very second I told him, my eyes started watering because of my cold. I couldn’t stop crying because my sinus was clogged and so the man friend started comforting me saying that he was a bad boyfriend and he will be better (funniest moment at the supermarket, I am sure everyone thought we were fighting).

Here is the Texas Style Chili making process (the man friend did not document me chopping and cutting up ingredients, but I did help, I would like to say that he helped and I did most of the work):


1. The man friend doesn’t know how to use a knife to skin the tomato so he used a vegetable peeler (it took him about 10 minutes to skin, clean off the seed, and then dice up the tomato).
2. The man friend showing off the green chile pepper.
3. The man friend trying to dice the green chile pepper (after this photo, green chile pepper juice squirted into his eye because he doesn’t know how to properly dice, I had to take over the dicing of the green chile peppers).
4. No pictures of me dicing the onions, marinating the ground turkey, and cooking the food.

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part I-through the eyes of the tourists.

July 27, 2011-August 7, 2011 – through the eyes of tourist.

San Francisco, California
“I left my heart in San Francisco” – Tony Benn

July 27, 2011 Kowloon Tong Dessert Cafe
My family had just arrived in San Francisco, California the day before (July 26, 2011) and my cousins were stuck in the house (the kids of family should be let loose during vacation time). I decided that I wanted to take them out for some Asian desserts, because where my family are from (Miami, Florida) it is a rare sighting.

Waffle Ice Cream

Mango Sago (the waiter wrote down the wrong order, we ordered the mango sticky rice – but because it is unsanitary to bring back items and it would just go to waste, we were allowed to keep the mango sago and got the mango sticky rice as well) *mango sticky rice is not pictured, I forgot to take a picture

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summer days series #2

Saturday June 18, 2011 – picnicking under the sun.

Thursday June 16, 2011: after watching The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (and being explained what happened for a good 20 minutes – hey, it was confusing and sad!), three of us (no name dropping here) decided to plan our summer days, and we came up with picnicking on Saturday June 18, 2011! Fastest planning EVER, and it happened! Wow! The time, location, and food was all prepped and ready, all that is left is to go out and play!

A picnic is never complete without some good ‘ole summer eating – homemade sandwiches, soda, popsicles (*pictured below) and popcorn (substitution for chips).

Popsicles must be eaten first and were eaten first because they would have melted if we ate them after our sandwiches and our popcorn! Reverse lunch eating is the best!

Kite flying was tiring! WE (two of us, one was just a photographer) tried several times to get the kite up and flying but it was a fail attempt! The family next to us got their kite up and flying really high and ours went limp after a good five minutes! Either we really suck at kite flying or the kite really hates us or we need to get a new kite! But look at how blue the sky was that day, so nice and pretty to just frolic under!

To read more about this picnicking trip, read kimtroneats’ wordpress (part 1 picnicking trip) because I did not take enough pictures on my camera!

–expressive sole
dance with me under the sun