summer days series #4

Sunday, June 26, 2011 – Alice’s Sumerthing Concert


  • OneRepublic
  • Matt Nathanson
  • Michelle Branch
  • Parachute
  • Andrew Allen
Alice Music @ 97.3 hosts a free concert every summer at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco – I like the words: free and concert in one sentence. Everyone knows how expensive summer concerts can be, especially if you are planning to see more than one artist. I have been looking forward to enjoying a concert this summer, but looking at the steep prices (well, I am not rich) my heart sunk! Well, what
better way to enjoy a concert that is free, outdoors, and has five bands performing? Alice Music brings Summerthing Concert for 2011.
kimtron.eats made sandwiches with the left over meat from
The view from the groups sitting spot. At least the stage is somewhat visible, but there is always a horde of people blocking the stage (ie. as seen in photo above). But this was the best spot that would allow all four of us to sit together comfortably – it took kimtron.eats and I about fifteen minutes to find a spot. It was a maze: we were stepping over people, we were finding cracks to step on, and we were hot and tired. After much disappointment, we ended back to the beginning. At least we finally got to sit, imagine if our group was ten + people!
Two people were passing out free mini-flying discs and beach balls, we were fortunate enough to score one of each. These will be used for future outings, unless the person holding onto these objects loses them.

Hello bright and big orange balloon! A smart way to mark your spot for friends and family to come and find you easily. Next year, we should bring a big object to let our group know where we are sitting. Because calling your group on the phone with lots of back noise is not the best idea.

Person 1: Hello, we are sitting here!
Person 2: Where?
Person 1: HERE!
Person 2: HUH?
Person1: Near this tent thing!
Person 2: I can’t hear you!
A bright and big orange balloon solves everything!
OneRepublic – the main and last band to perform: music for the ears! OneRepublic’s live performance is just plain musical, a great way to end the concert with great music.
After the concert:
On the MUNI ride back to Powell, there was a very odd conversation going on between a girl and a boy (I will label them girl and boy). Girl was giving boy advice on how he would be able to achieve “cool-status” by changing himself: looks, personality, the whole package. He asked if he was “cool” enough to be able to gain a girlfriend (or something along those lines, I am skewing their conversation) and she said that if he changed his hair and clothes he might be able to get a girlfriend because that is ultimately what “gets girls.” There was a lot more but plainly the conversation was just borderline weird – he needs to drop his advice girl and get a new one because she was not helpful.
— expressive sole
  1. lol unless he wants her as a girlfriend then he should take her advice, some girl might find she thinks that he’s cool the way he is.
    Also very jealous you got to see OneRepublic and Michelle Branch, I’m always listening to Alice in the car well that and Star 101.3

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